• Ashley S
    Pet Owner -Memphis, TN

    "With this type of personalized interaction, I am able to make appointments or inquire about my pets quickly and with someone's undivided attention. They truly make me feel like my pets are more than average clients!"

  • Monica S
    Kingston Ontario, Canada

    "Fetchit makes focusing on clients and patient so much easier. When the front desk is busy, or the client is calling on a cell phone and you can’t hear them, Fetchit makes it easy – just click on the button and you’re taken right to the client’s file. Now you can concentrate on what thye need versus struggling to FIND them in the computer."

  • Hannah Tilson
    Memphis, TN

    "Fetchit is a great feature! I can go right to a client's chart as soon as (or even before) I start talking to them. It makes the conversation flow better because I don't have to interrupt them and ask for their information each time they call. It also helps me anticipate what they may need because I can see their reminders and medical history as soon as I pick up the phone."

  • Billy Richardson
    Holly Springs, NC

    "Fetchit allows our team to connect with our clients before they even say 'Hello' "

  • Logan
    Kingston, Ontario Canada

    "I use Fetchit every day all day. It makes my job easier. When phone calls are coming in nonstop it easier to immediately address the reason for the call instead trying to find their file. This program often prevents me from needing to have the client repeat themselves on busy days. Fetchit is a great tool to help with ensuring we can focus more on patient and client care!"

  • Kim Smith
    Starkville, MS

    "Fetchit removes all the confusion of trying to pull up a patient chart. No more trying to get clients to spell their names and asking them to repeat themselves which is only frustrating for everyone! It allows me to schedule appointments quickly and efficiently for owners."

  • Shayline Stone
    Indianapolis, IN

    "Fetchit has created a more efficient and smooth customer experience every time. This also gives us the opportunity to track who answered for a specific client in case they would like to speak with that person again. I highly recommend this to any clinic that is needing a unique and easy way to do your job!"

  • Kim Swift
    Knoxville, TN

    "Fetchit makes client communication much smoother! It is frustrating and time consuming when a chart can't be located due to a spelling or miscommunication issue. With Fetchit, I instantly have access to the patients chart and can quickly become familiarized with recent visits, usual doctor, etc... and thus I can tailor our conversation to the client's preferences and provide a better level of customer service."

  • Meredith Ray
    Valencia, CA

    "Fetchit has been an amazing feature that I use every day. This application is very efficient and easy to work with. It makes calls faster due to the ease of finding the owners account. It also serves as a great reminder to update phone numbers! All around this feature has made my job so much easier and efficient. I would definitely be lost without it! "

  • Mike Magaldino
    Longwood, FL

    "Fetchit has improved our efficiency by reducing call time duration and improving customer relations by the perception of recognizing the client on a personal level."

  • Stephanie Klink
    Bartlett, TN

    "I love Fetchit! It allows me to pull up clients quickly so that I can better help them schedule appointments or answer questions. I no longer have to race to get their number from them or ask for their name and pet's name. Instead, the information is literally at my fingertips! It even lets me know when someone is calling from an unknown number so I can update their customer account."

  • Jan McAfee
    Peachtree City, GA

    "With Fetchit, our clients are amazed at the high level of service - we have their chart pulled up and ready to help them by the time we’ve finished our phone greeting."

  • Kelsey McCrary
    Lakeland, TN

    "Fetchit has changed the way I find clients. With just one quick click I can open their chart. It is so much simpler than asking a client their name & the patients name or typing in a 10 digit phone number. My favorite part about it is that when there is a bad connection or an owner has an emergency and is so upset that they can hardly get out their words, I already know who they are and have their pets entire history right in front of me."